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From one state to another

I've not been blogging every day but I HAVE been working on the principles every day, and reading and even journaling in my hand-written journal. Yesterday I did a massive de-clutter in my home. I've often found the state of my home reflects my mental and emotional state. I had piles and piles left over from another project, which got tidied up, sorted, and dusted off. I now feel at ease as I sit in my office area; anxiety levels are down. I now want to buckle down and get moving on getting the money-making pieces of my website in place and active. If I can just keep from being volunteered into another history project!

The thing I love about the Teachings of Abraham is they so deftly dove-tail with what I've learned from ACIM. Sunday I met a fellow who has done deep work with A Course In Miracles. I've promised to help him connect in with a spiritual community locally that has harmonic resonance with where he/I am at. The challenge will be in summoning that forth, as the individuals do not currently meet en masse. In 2006 I tried to help Kathleen pull together an Interfaith Group, but she had a more churchy ideal than I did, and as part of the process learned she did not want to be about the business of creating a church. So now I'm wanting to facilitate someone connecting in with the local network, and along the way would like to find and build the spiritual community I need myself.

And tonight will be about FUN. I shall get to go to Klindts and meet several Northwest authors, including Ken Scholes! Yay! I have tomorrow off as a furlough day, so I can party late and not suffer in the morning. It is perfect and I love perfect!


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