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What the &%# happened here?

Ever have one of those days when your intuitive self takes off at high velocity toward a completely UNPLANNED goal that your logical mind KNOWS is going to be biting off a big bite, and your logical mind is simply sitting there, mouth agape, saying, "What the F*%k just happened here?"

Yeah. Had one of those moments yesterday.

A couple of years ago a friend and I (you know who you are) talked about putting on a workshop for women who had gone through some trauma, perhaps survivors of domestic violence or substance abuse, and sharing with these women some basic, yet highly effective, spiritual tools we've learned over the years. We talked a little about what this workshop would look like, I even wrote up a list (that I can no longer find) of some of the exercises we would do.

All these plans got put on hold because, well, that pesky thing called Life interfered. And in the back of my mind I was thinking, "I really don't know enough to be teaching this class."

In talking recently with a friend who is a musician and wants to do workshops, I decided to set my OWN intention, to visualize and write out what, for me, would be my ideal spiritual community. Here is part of what I wrote:

     When I visualize a LOCAL gathering, I imagine a small group, interactive dialog, relaxed atmosphere. Couches, coffee and tea, laughter, bonding. If I imagine bigger, I can see a small bookstore, a community gathering place where you could have workshops and such, live music, (I still envision seating with the comfy couches!) 
I would love a variety of discussions… topics of interest to me, beyond ACIM, include study of world religions/spirituality, chanting, drumming, working with concepts like the Season of Non-Violence, the Teachings of Abraham, using ritual to augment and deepen spiritual connection, meditation, the power of collective consciousness…. I have a curious mind and I love to explore the variety & diversity.
     I’d like to be part of a local spiritual community that believes in giving back to the community, that supports community outreach. For instance, I’d like to see workshops offered to the general public that focus on empowerment, hope, joy. An example that comes to my mind is a workshop for recovering survivors of domestic violence. I worked for a short stint as an advocate for the local DV shelter, and the women, once they’ve moved out of crisis mode, have no idea how to re-imagine their lives or how to rebuild the joy into their lives. This is one example of a community-based need where music, dance, simple ritual (ie: a burning bowl ceremony) could come together in a workshop that is spiritually based without necessarily being a preachy “sermon”.)

You see where this is going? I hadn't really thought about that dream, to do the workshop, for a while and suddenly there it was under my nose. And I realized that what I've learned through Abraham is something I want to pass on to other people. And suddenly I couldn't put the idea down.

So I sat last night at my computer until 10 pm., roughing out a plan for a workshop. Dunno who will do it with me; dunno where the money will come from, dunno yet quite what I'll say... but I DO know the need is strong for people in this community to learn how to create their Happy Story. And I know I want to do this.

I am becoming more and more aware that We are the Leading Edge Creators, the spiritual beings who masquerade as Human Doings, and we are living in fear-laden times. It is our role, our responsibility, to be voices for the Light, to unmask Illusion, to offer tools to help people relax into their Hope and their Joy.

And I sooooo did not have a project this large on my agenda. Or should I say, ANOTHER project this large? I'm already in planning meetings this week for: 1) merging two major community events together, 2) meeting with the other board members of a new 501(c)3 Foundation board I'm on, 3) meeting in the next few days with clients over a new book publishing project, and there's the 4) Silent auction event I'm attending Saturday night. Oh... and there's the small matter of my mom's cousin's 98th birthday tomorrow, going to see my mom (who has been without phone service for a week), and calling my kids who think I've dropped off the face of the earth.

Yeah, my logical mind (the one in charge of my schedule) is saying, "What the F*&# happened here? Did anyone run this idea past ME???"
 Apparently not. Oops....looks like my little boat floated downstream faster than you were able to follow...


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