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Movin' on up

OK. I'm tired of living on the low end of the emotional scale. It's a bad neighborhood to hang out in. Guess it's up to me to scramble back to the higher end of things. I want to move on back up.

I realize the point of the Abraham work is not so much to have a perfect life as it is to enjoy the process of living. I'm so upset over my money, not because my circumstances have changed that dramatically over the past couple of months (well, they have a little), but mostly because I made a couple of bad judgment calls (like spending before budgeting.) And now I'm paying the price for it.

So, Life Is. It just IS. Deal with it, self.

Given the hand I've been dealt in this moment, what am I going to do with it? I made a phone call to the hospital to beg forgiveness for late payments. They've been pretty easy to deal with overall, and I have fingers crossed I've not yet gone to collections. I had an idea for how I might possibly barter for some home repairs to keep me from feeling poverty stricken every single time I walk through my bathroom door and feel the soft, wall-collapsing subflooring under my feet. Dealing with those two issues alone will help my overall place on the emotional scale.

I'm realizing the neighborhood I live in is the Neighborhood of Now. It's where I eat, it's where I sleep, it's where I work, it's where I play. And regardless of any circumstance, I want my daily experience to be one of joy, and I know that money has nothing to do with that. The price I pay when I don't stay on top of my finances is that my neighborhood goes to hell... and I don't want to live in a place that stinks of my bad mood and despair.

It's time to move on up to a better neighborhood.


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