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Setting my intention

Procrastination wears many disguises. It can come as busy-ness, or lethargy. Whatever form it takes, it can divert you from your goal. Especially if your goal is to set your goal. And procrastination is really just fear in disguise.

I know that, of all the things Abraham teaches, I need most to focus on increasing my wealth. Money is the one area of my life where I am most anxious, fearful, angst-ridden. And my finances show it. I don't care about accumulating wealth, have no interest in it as a hobby, and sitting down to work on my finances produces a churning, roiling sensation of dread in the pit of my stomach. With the downturn in the economy, my salary at work was cut. The freelance work I did a year ago has dried up. There is not enough in-come to meet my out-go. It is becoming critical I change this around.

I can breeze through many of other life challenges, but this one bogs me down. I am not living the life I want to live, because I've too long turned away from attending to this part of my life. I can explain the reasons for my financial distress - and I can come up with many. But Abraham teaches that it really doesn't do a lot of good to sit in that corner and stew. One of the things I'm noticing is that I have a tendency to think: "Well, we can't move forward until we REALLY understand and analyze the microscopic details of why we are here." And that becomes the tool of procrastination. What I know is this: After 25 years of struggle as a single parent, always barely scraping by, I'm sick of it. I am ready to live life differently. And what better way to start my Abraham challenge than with this?

Abraham says it doesn't matter WHY you are where you are. Just start moving forward. I see the areas of my life that aren't what I want them to be, and I notice some commonalities... mostly, I've either 1) not set an intention, or 2) had an underlying lack of focus that has come to pass in a most half-hazard way.
Using the Abraham Scale of Emotion, I'd say most of the time I'm in the upper third... except when it comes to money, where I feel I've been on the bottom third. And following the Teachings, I know that if I'm going to be successful at allowing more prosperity in my life, I need to match my vibration to the level of happiness I want it to bring me.

So my intention is:
1) To feel better about money
2) To enjoy making money
3) To enjoy spending money
4) To enjoy saving money
5) To enjoy giving money away
6) To feel this freeflowing energy moving actively throughout my life.

I've also seen with my freelance work that exchanging dollars for hours is not making me happier. I enjoy doing graphic design work, but I am not enjoying the fact that when I take on big projects, I have no life. I have no time for friends, no time for my pets, for my home and yard, for my family.

I want money that comes in regardless of my time or my effort
I want the effort I DO put forth to have multiple benefits
I want it to be easy.
I want it to be plentiful.
I want it to happen fast.

I'd better get busy on releasing my resistance!


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