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Just breathe... and take a step

Abraham says "Within 30 days of mild effort, you can go from being one of the most resistant people on the planet to one of the least resistant people on the planet. And then those who are watching you will be amazed by the number of manifestations that begin to occur in your physical experience."--Ask and It is Given, p. 191.

It's clear that the spreadsheet thing didn't shift my emotional state, because I find it depressing to not be able to pay even the minimum to meet all my financial obligations. And it's also clear that, since I'm already pretty much pared down to the bare minimum of expenses it takes to live, that there aren't a lot of ways to tighten my expenses ehough to fix the problem.

I don't want to decrease expenses. In fact, I want to INCREASE my expenses. I want to pay my bills, not worry about buying groceries or dog food, I want some left over for fun stuff like, oh, having lunch with friends and going to the movies and maybe buying some new (badly needed) clothes, and having enough to buy presents (Christmas is coming), and oh... some tucked away so that if my car acts up again ($200 in repairs last month), I've got enough to cover it. (Oooo... do I feel a twinge of joy in these thoughts?)

I can imagine another $1000 coming in a month would shift me from worry to relief. I realize that amount isn't going to put me into another economic class, but hey, I CAN imagine it. I can wrap my mind around it as a possibility. I can ratchet myself up the emotional scale just a little, because that amount seems do-able.

My Abraham step for today is to remember that nothing is more important than to feel good today, and to find ways to do so.

So today my action step is to make a list of ways that I KNOW can increase my income. The internet is a lovely thing. I can bump up my revenue via my websites. I am going to start doing the things I know to make money even while I'm sleeping:
1) to increase usage of my hotel booking link,
2) to add products to Cafe Press and market that,
3) to get the Google Ad Sense and Links programs active on my website(s).

It feels good that all three of those steps can increase my revenue without requiring an exchange of hours for dollars (after the work is done to get it rolling). I know that in the past, I've actually realized $300 a month from my hotel booking link. If I start treating this like a BUSINESS, I can get the income rolling in.

It will just take an increase of $1000 a month in revenue to breathe easily, and let the Source energy flow.

NOW I feel excited!


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