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The feeling of feeling prosperous

I have had a most abundant week. It has truly been a thanks giving week. My favorite cousin came to visit, and we shared cheesecake and chocolate ice cream and called that our Thanksgiving dinner. So even though I was alone on Thanksgiving day, I had the good fortune to spend about 24 hours with her before she had to leave for home.

I have been struggling all month, unhappy because I had bills to pay and was out of money to pay them. I've been working to shift my attitude, to feel abundant. And I was trying to isolate those things that make me feel "poor"... holes in my underwear, the soft spot on my floor by my bathroom where the supporting wall is slowly collapsing. It felt overwhelming.

And then the thought occurred to me... I have a classmate I've known since elementary school who is now a building contractor. He's also looking for help with his advertising and marketing. I asked him if he'd be willing to do a trade for a website and he was happy to do it. So I shall get the worst of my floor repaired (or at least, so it halts the problem). He gets a new website. And suddenly my vibration goes way up! I managed to see a solution I hadn't seen before.

Then money came in from unexpected places. A check refunding me $25 on an overpaid medical bill. And the ex came to collect his things and gave me an envelope of cash; guilt payment perhaps, but I see it as repayment for money I've spent over the past year and a half.

The greatest gift that cash gave me was the feeling of "I have enough. I can pay my bills. I have plenty." I ran around town and paid my bills and loved doing it. I bought new underwear. I bought groceries. I bought new jars of hand cream, in my very favorite scent. I bought measuring cups with butterflies and hearts, ones I've been eyeing for months. Now they hang in my kitchen where I can see them every day and think, "I have plenty. How abundant my life is!" I'm still reveling in the great feeling of prosperity. So this is how it feels to feel rich!


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Aug. 24th, 2010 08:04 am (UTC)
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